Skin Name: Realplayer Sucks!
Author: Mario Portuguez
Country: Costa Rica
Skin mpID: #0005
Contacts: info-is@in-file
Site: (Check it! Soon!)
Skinned: Mb, Avs, Cursors (... they look nice)
When I started to work on this skin I didn't know that already existed another skin about Realplayer (made by James Ness), and if you put them together they look very similar but that wasn't my intention, I just made up with the idea and took the Realplayer and cut its parts, thats why the skins are so similar, but anyway this is an original skin and if some elements are the same as the other skin its just for coincidence.
I'm doing skins all the time so wait for them ... this is just the beggining!
By the way, Realplayer is copyright, so don't sue me... bye
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RealplayerSucks MP
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